Astigmatism Surgery

What is Astigmatism & Causes

Astigmatism is caused by a cornea or lens that has a different shape than normal.

The shape of the cornea or lens varies from person to person.


People can get astigmatism from:

  • Inherited
  • Eye disease
  • Eye injury
  • After surgery

How Can You Tell If You Have Astigmatism?

See a doctor

Astigmatism symptoms may include:

However, these symptoms do not always mean you have astigmatism.

See your ophthalmologist for a comprehensive eye exam to find out what is causing your symptoms.

How Is Astigmatism Corrected?

Refractive surgery

With LASIK and other procedures, a laser reshapes the cornea to adjust how light travels through it.

The most appropriate correction is one that best suits your vision needs and lifestyle.

You and your ophthalmologist can discuss your options in more detail after your exam.


They work by refocusing light on the retina in the back of your eye so that you can see more clearly.


There are two main types of contacts for astigmatism: toric soft lenses and RGP (rigid gas permeable). For more severe astigmatism, RPG lenses may work best.

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