Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)

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The ACL is one of the most commonly injured ligaments of the knee.

Approximately half of ACL injuries occur along with damage to the meniscus, articular cartilage, or other ligaments.

Injured ligaments are considered sprains and are graded on a severity scale.


Grade 1 Sprains. The ligament is mildly damaged in a Grade 1 sprain. It has been slightly stretched but is still able to help keep the knee joint stable.

Grade 2 Sprains. A Grade 2 sprain stretches the ligament to the point where it becomes loose. This is often referred to as a partial tear of the ligament.

Grade 3 Sprains. This type of sprain is most commonly referred to as a complete tear of the ligament. The ligament has been torn in half or pulled directly off the bone, and the knee joint is unstable.

Partial tears of the anterior cruciate ligament are rare; most ACL injuries are complete or near complete tears.

Nonsurgical management of isolated ACL tears is likely to be successful or may be recommended in patients:

Surgical Treatment.- Who Should Consider ACL Reconstruction Surgery?

Rebuilding the ligament. Most ACL tears cannot be sutured (stitched) back together. To surgically repair the ACL and restore knee stability, the ligament must be reconstructed. Your doctor will replace your torn ligament with a tissue graft. This graft acts as a scaffolding for a new ligament to grow on.

Grafts can be obtained from several sources. Often they are taken from the patellar tendon, which runs between the kneecap and the shinbone. Hamstring tendons at the back of the thigh are a common source of grafts. Sometimes a quadriceps tendon, which runs from the kneecap into the thigh, is used. Finally, cadaver graft (allograft) can be used.

Reconstruction Surgery Benefits

The primary benefit of reconstruction surgery is that it’s the only way to restore full stability and functionality to a knee joint affected by a torn or ruptured ACL.


In and of itself, this makes the decision to have surgery a relatively easy one for most athletic or active people who don’t want a long-standing knee condition to slow them down.

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About Dr. Max Greig

Orthopedic Surgery – Specialist in Hip, Knee, Spine & Shoulder

  • In addition to completing school and orthopaedic surgical training in Guadalajara, Mexico, Dr. Greig concluded a rotation and specialized training in Muenster, Germany as well as a rotation in Edinburg, Texas
  • Among his many civic duties Dr. Greig finds time to donate surgical services to crippled children at a Puerto Vallarta orphanage and he recently completed his term as Medical Director to Puerto Vallarta’s first medical school
  • Born in Mexico to North American Parents, Dr. Greig maintains a close relationship to the Mexican population and to both U.S. and Canadian expatriate communities in Puerto Vallarta. The U.S. Consulate General has recognized him on several occasions for his assistance to tourists and expatriates.

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Total Hip Replacement “The hospital was spotless, the staff was professional and very helpful and don’t worry, English is spoken by many. My surgery went without a hitch… Dr. Max and his professional and caring staff made my hip surgery the best decision I could have ever made…” J. R.,
John R
Knee Arthroscopy “I was immediately impressed with Dr. Max Greig, my surgeon in PV, Mexico. His training in Guadalajara as well as Germany and his dual citizenship with the US and Mexico all relieved me of all pre-surgery anxiety.” R. R.,
Ruth. R.
“I have had two total knees with Dr. Max and cannot sign his praises loudly enough. My experiences in the hospital where without a glitch, I loved my nurses and recovered 100%.”
Jan Rowen
Total Knee Replacement “I had a knee replacement surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico done by Dr. Max Greig. My knee is in terrific shape, no complaints the surgery was very successful, I am able to do many things including golf and yoga and all kinds of different sports” M. S.,
M. S.
“… thank you to Dr Max Greig, Orthopedic Surgeon, for coordinating the recent donation of several ‘walkers’ to assist local handicapped people of limited economic means to have more mobility. Dr Max explained that this donation complies with his philosophy of contributing to the well being of the people of Puerto Vallarta.”
Ambito Newspaper
Puerto vallaarta
“…Buenos Dias Dr. Max, It has been 9 months since you performed surgery on my right shoulder for supraspinatus tendon tear and removal of spur. I am very happy to tell you what a difference the surgery made to my lifestyle. Since the surgery I have been able to sleep through the night. This was a big bonus as I lacked sleep for many years prior to seeing you. Also I am able to do many house chores and have started using weights to build my muscles. In addition, I have been walking without pain ever since you injected the cocktail into my ichmus tendon. I am also using weights to increase strength and muscle tone to my legs. I can only speak of you in the highest regard for helping me get my life back. You are very dear to my heart and I am very grateful for all you have done for me. Hopefully we will meet again soon. Big hugs to you,…” N.K.
Alberta Canada
Rotator Cuff “Dr.Greig was exactly what I hoped for, a trilingual Mexican native of Canadian and German decent. Doc laid out the game-plan, examined my shoulder for ideas. and took my MRI CD for homework.” P. H.,
Phil H
As a nurse who provided aftercare for one of his patients, I can say the surgical site was beautiful! I've seen his OR and completely impressed with the care delivered.
Melissa Leech Kimble
Texas Usa
“…this year, I decided to stop lying to myself about the need for knee replacement. I mean, how long can one say, I’m too young to need THAT? In my case, I could have had the surgery done anywhere, and in fact, I investigated surgeons in the US, Singapore and then here in Puerto Vallarta. I chose Dr. Max Greig based on his credentials and credibility. Dr Max made me feel the most comfortable, and was most willing to spend the time answering questions. Clearly, Dr. Max is focused on building relationships, not just cutting people up. His natural warmth and charisma contribute to a great bedside manner.”
Puerto Vallarta

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