Dra. Karla Renata Cardenas, Otorrinolaringólogo, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

Dra. Karla Renata Cardenas

ENT Specialist
Vallarta Medical Center



– Mexican Otorrinolaringology Society and H&N surgeon.
– Conacem
– Society of Otorrinolaringologists and H&N surgeon
– UMA Centro Médico Nacional de Occidente


Dr. Renata Cárdenas, who is a member of the Mexican ENT society graduated from the University of Guadalajara, is an expert in functional, aesthetic and corrective nose surgery


The medical field in Mexico has witnessed a striking evolution during the last few years. This development was comprehensive that it has encompassed all branches of medicine, including ENT medical practice in particular.

In fact, Mexican ENT surgeons are now up to date with the latest medical trends in terms of DX, TX and ear and throat surgery protocols, and they are the experts in nasal, functional and cosmetic surgery.

When to see an ENT Doctor?

When discomfort appears in the nose, throat, ear, head and neck that affect or impair the normal development of daily activity.




Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery. Rhinoplasty reshapes your nose to improve your appearance or to fix medical problems that interfere with how you breathe. It can correct a deviated septum or a broken nose.


What does rhinoplasty do?

Correct a nose that looks bulbous, upturned, hooked or droopy.
Correct a deviated septum.
Fix nostrils that are too wide, too small, too large or turn upward.
Get rid of noticeable dips or bumps on the bridge of your nose.
Make a nose smaller or bigger to create facial balance.
Open blocked nasal passages.

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