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Dr. José Santos Ledezmas

Specialized Medicine and Physiotherapy Clinic.
Human and personalized treatment.

At Columna Medical Care we provide you with state-of-the-art treatments for back pain (we are specialists in sciatic nerve pain and herniated disk), knee or shoulder and any joint, recover your Quality of Life!

Physiotherapy y Medical Treatments

Non-surgical treatments for spinal and joint injuries with European techniques.

Ozone therapy

We specialize in application of ozone therapy in joints and back. Breaking the vicious cycle of pain and contracture, supporting the body to repair injuries without surgical interventions.


Osteopathy is a medical doctrine based on the normalization of body tissues, which seeks to restore normal conditions of the skeletal muscle apparatus. Reset your body balance.

Muscle Electrostimulation

It is the application of electricity for therapeutic purposes. With benefits such as decreased inflammation and pain and increased blood supply.


Neuromuscular Bandage

It is a bandage system, which has gained great popularity in the field of physical and sports rehabilitation. This type of bandage is specific and must be placed by certified doctors or physiotherapists.

Herniated Disc – Sciatic Nerve

Our main goal is to control pain. We have a personalized treatment, using appropriate therapeutic techniques in each individual case and always applied by professionals in the field.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Increases molecular movement, improving circulation and relaxing the muscles. Very effective for treatment in nerve conduction problems or muscle injury problems.

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Physioterapy & Rehabilitation

Hi, I’m Dr. José Ledezma, Graduate from U of G. I have 10 years dedicated to the treatment of muscle and joint pain. I have certification in various branches of physiotherapy.

Six years ago with a lot of passion and desire to help the community of my beautiful Puerto Vallarta, we opened our Clinic Columna Medical Care. He currently has a team of physiotherapists passionate about helping to improve the quality of life of our patients.

By means of a correct diagnosis and specialized physiotherapeutic care. Feel good again we know how to help you.

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